Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Warhammer 40,000 movie in production

A little off the beaten track - "Warhammer movie? On a steampunk blog? Huh?" - but justified in two ways; firstly, the popularity of the WH40K universe amongst steampunk afficionados, and secondly, the very steam and diesel punk elements which underpin that universe.

A movie has been rumoured for years, with a fan movie produced (and unfortunately blocked by Games Workshop (GW), the owners of Warhammer), and countless mini-movies using elements of the GW computer in-game footage created by frustrated fans in the interim. Now, finally, an official WH40K movie - Ultramarines - is in production.

For those who have read the above with absolutely no understanding, enlightenment may be found over at the Strange Dreams blog. And guess what? Those who wish to know more may find just what they need over at the Strange Dreams blog as well!