Friday, 1 May 2009

Gatehouse Gazette 6

What could be more pleasurable over a summer evening than to sit and peruse the latest edition of the unmissable Gatehouse Gazette?

In the words of the esteemed Editor, Mr Ottens:

"Because the Gatehouse Gazette welcomes all kinds of “Tinkering with Time,” we dedicate this issue to the business of alternate history.

Some of our familiar contributors ponder what could have been: Mr Rauchfuß, for example, imagines how much better things would have been had Emperor Friedrich III lived just a tad longer while Miss Ella Kremper warns just how much worse the world of Brazil seems compared to ours. Mr Trubetskoy wonders why the First World War is so often overlooked in alternate history but offers a review of a book that touches upon the subject, if only in passing.

You will also find plenty of the usual in this edition: Mr Daniel’s “Liquor Cabinet”; “Local Steampunk” in Antwerp this time; Miss Hilde Heyvaert's “Steampunk Wardrobe” about the mad scientist look; and Ella’s “Hammer Horrors”. And we welcome a new columnist: Mr David Townsend, “Gentleman Traveler”!

Some old faces return to contribute once again: Mr Toby Frost, author of Space Captain Smith and its sequel, God Emperor of Didcot, provides a review of the fourth Call of Duty video game and Mr Guy Dampier writes the first in a series of articles about the Quatermass franchise."

Also, a piece about the band Ghostfire by Miss Andii (guest author), and an interview with Hilde Heyvaert about her clothing and costuming empire."