Tuesday, 10 February 2009

The Smoking Lounge

The Smoking Lounge community was created on January 8, 2008 and settled at its current location on the 14th.

Evolving from previous forums, including nov-net and delta.place, the Lounge is a forum “for all things Steam, Diesel, Retro and Pulp”, and everything within the scope of steampunk and dieselpunk, as well as retro-futurism, pulp fiction and film noir is welcomed.

With a warmly welcoming atmosphere, friendly and cordial denizens who are not afraid of respectable disagreements, the Lounge is a meeting place for those who wish to dabble in Steampunk and related sub-genres, as well as those who like to take their steam more seriously. Constantly updated, with on-going conversation on a wide range of topics (from appropriate attire for celebrating Mr Verne's birthday to the burning rage of Christian Bale via the allure of dirigable versus steamship travel and how nuclear fission is based upon Victorian science), the Lounge is currently divided into:

The Ætherscope , for discussions about Steampunk.

The Cafe Metropole, for all things Diesel and Pulp.

The Emporium, for fiction, fashion, and art.

Startling Stories, for role-playing games.

The Diogenes Club, for off-topic talk and debate.

I have been a member of the Lounge for less than a year, and have been made heartily welcome, and contributions, ideas, and general chat between members gives the Lounge an atmosphere reminiscent of the Salons, Coffee Houses, or Gentlemen's Clubs of bygone centuries.

If you are not a member already, we hereby invite you to kindly consider joining the Smoking Lounge.

To persuade you further, we present you this wonderful promo featuring Miss Hilde Heyvaert. Besides her sits the Lounge's official mascot, Shinto, atop an old Remington typewriter!