Friday, 8 May 2009

The Union of Steampunk Pics and the Gatehouse

Two of the greatest Steampunk sites on the aethernet have joined forces.

The esteemed Mr Amat's Steampunk Pics blog, up till now hosted at blogspot, has been relocated to a specifically designed and constructed extension to the Gatehouse.

Steampunk Pics joins the marvellously welcoming home of steampunk, dieselpunk and decodence, and actively engaging and exciting forums hosted by Mr Ottens at the Gatehouse. Mr Armat's new home may be found here.

Mr Armat is also starting a new dieselpunk blog, to be found here.

Please, take the portal through the aether and visit these new sites, else your steampunk experience be limited!

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Ottens said...

Thanks for posting about it!

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