Thursday, 13 November 2008

Interview with the esteemed Mr Verne

It comes to my attention that, in the year 1894, Mr Jules Verne, that esteemed visionary and literary pioneer, undertook an interview with a Mr Sherard for Mclure's Magazine.

Exploring many aspects of the author's life, this interview provides an intruiguing opportunity to peer into the mind of a man who has inspired many to push the boundaries of what is possible. Comments from more laudable colleagues than I have raised the question of what Mr Verne's capacious mind might have brought forth were he to be living in contemporary times, with the vast resources available to him at the touch of a button. However, I find the question somewhat ill-conceived. Mr Verne, as are all of us, was a product of his time, shaped by his experiences, which in turn were shaped by their unfurling in a particular time and space.

Which does, however, raise the interesting notion of what Mr Verne would make of the modern world in a contemporary interview were he able to step forward along the time-stream, thus bringing his contemporaneous experiences and thought process to the modern era...

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