Thursday, 13 November 2008

"Extraordinary Voyages"

For those of a more academic leaning, please peruse the following information concerning the gathering of emminent persons in the location of California during the month of May year next, being 2009, to discuss Mr. Jules Verne and the writings of that illustrious person.

To wit:"Extraordinary voyages have shaped world literature since the Biblical Flood and The Odyssey, but no single writer has done more than Jules Verne to forge this device into a narrative template for addressing modern issues.The UCR Libraries' Eaton Science Fiction Collection, in coordination with the North American Jules Verne Society, proposes a three and one-half-day conference that will examine the traditions Verne exploited, Verne's own extraordinary work, and his far-ranging influence in modern fiction and culture. In 1863, Jules Verne published the first of the sixty-four novels and short story collections that would become known as the "Extraordinary Voyages." Verne's influence on the hardware and the locales of modern science fiction: the center of the earth, the bottom of the seas, outer space, is widely recognized. More significant is his influence on the shape of modern SF: the extraordinary voyage has become a foundational motif by which scientific knowledge is linked to the exploration of richly-imagined worlds. This conference will explore the implications of the extraordinary voyage as a narrative and ideological mode that resonates in world SF down to the present day.
The conference welcomes scholars, collectors, and enthusiasts of the extraordinary voyage."

Those interested might also wish to visit the esteemed Mr Gross's site, where lies a fascinating analysis of Mr Verne's 20,000 Leagues.

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